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The Power of Social Media Stories for Marketers


Quick Start – Internet Marketing for Beginners


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Curated by a unique set of instructional design methodologies


Dynamic media rich courses to fuel participation, capture attention and focus

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Our courses are individually curated to provide best content in substance and form. Easy. Short. Complete.

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Designed by field experts with focus on developing educational content that caters to each individual learner.

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People of all ages and backgrounds can acquire new knowledge at their own pace and at a low cost.

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Every course provide certification option. Feel free to seal what has been learned through certification.


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"I wanted to take an opportunity to send kudos for this eLearning platform. The level of service is simply outstanding. I can learn with high quality content for little money."
Mira Samba
“The Nyamga eLeaning platform is very user-friendly, and it significantly improved my current learning process. The thing that was most impressive to me was the quality of the courses.”
Marwan Karim
“The courses are easy to learn and all concepts are followed by in-depth explanations. Me as a learner could find myself more engaged and successful in my learning”
Lisa Thomson
“Top quality content to unbeatable price. Apart from all that, I would say that the human aspect is at the heart of their learning platform.”
Sammy Klaws
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